Room Calorimeter Advance

The Room Calorimeter ADVANCE offers the highest validated accuracy and reproducability in the market. Designed on a system level out of the highest quaility components, this is the gold standard for energy expenditure studies of any kind; 24-hr energy expenditure, high intensity exercise testing and many more. Validated and applied in 100’s of research studies. 

VCO2  Diurnial CO2 production 
VO2  Diurnial O2 Consumption 
EE  Energy Expenditure 
RER  RER (or RQ) 
CHOox  Carbohydrate Oxidation 
Fox  Fat oxidation 
Pox  Protein oxidation 
AEE  Activity Energy Expenditure  
DIT (total)  Diet Induced Thermogenesis (Total)  
DIT (per meal)  Diet Induced Thermogenesis (per meal)  
BMR  Basal Metabolic Rate 
REE / RMR  Resting Energy Expenditure / Resting Metabolic Rate 
ADMR  Average Daily Metabolic Rate 
TEE  Total Energy Expenditure 
SMR  Sleeping Metabolic Rate 
OMR  Overnight Metabolic Rate 
Eesubmax  Submax exercise 
VO2max  VO2 Max  
EPOC  Excess post exercise oxygen consumption 
  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes 
  • Exercise physiology and sports science 
  • Nutrition
  • Age, gender and lifespan metabolic studies 
  • Clinical investigation 
  • Food psychology 
  • Pharma 
  • Child metabolism and energy expenditure 
  • Sleep
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Thermoregulation 

Room Calorimeters Base

Room Calorimeter Elements

Validation equipments

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A modular approach to suit any research study 

Room calorimetry needs to be performed with the highest level of control on subject and environment. To allow these study settingsMI has created the ADVANCE room calorimeter series. The system will be configured by our experts based on your study ideas and building requirements. The total installation will be immediately ready to perform research.

sla“We guarantee the highest total system accuracy and precision available on the market today”

Maastricht Instruments guarantees the accuracy of VO2 and VCO2 levels by designing and building the room calorimeter as a total system. Users of the system can validate the system accuracy with ease using the validation equipment provided.  We believe that validation, not calibration, is what provides confidence in research results. 

turnkey“A flexible system that can be easily adapted to a wide range of research”

The room calorimeter ADVANCE can be used for a wide variety of research, ranging from nutritional studies to sports recovery. The measurement duration can range from several hours up to multiple 24-hr energy expenditure studies. Subject comfort is guaranteed in a whole-body room calorimeter that can be equipped with different activity / exercise equipment according to the study setup. 

35“Based on 35 years of expertise in research of the department of Human Biology part of the international research institute NUTRIM”

Through its partnership with one of the world’s leading research groups in human energy metabolism and energy balance, Maastricht Instruments has a solid background of research  application knowledge. This strategic partnership will also enable the company to continuously improve the technology and expand its services to customers.