Mobile room calorimeter

Because some research just can’t be done in a lab.

State-of-the-art technology to every location worldwide

Traditionally, room calorimeters are installed within research buildings, facilitating metabolic research at that location. A research infrastructure at a fixed location has limitations, for example when studying remote communities or when there is no floor space available for a permanent room calorimeter system. Maastricht Instrument now brings its state-of-the-art room calorimeter technology to every location worldwide, by providing the world’s first mobile room calorimeter system.


Perfectly suited for institutes lacking floor space

The entire system is mounted in a standard shipping container, allowing easy transport all over the world. All climate and analysis systems are designed for use in and transport over rugged terrain. The system is designed as a self-contained unit, requiring only an external power supply.  This also makes it perfectly suited for institutes lacking floor space or looking for temporary use of a room calorimeter system.

Bringing metabolic measurements to the most remote places on the planet

The system has the same options as a permanently installed room calorimeter system: validated accuracy for metabolic parameters, various temperature ranges and options for high level sports and hypoxic conditions.

The unit contains three sections:

  • A controlled environment, allowing the researcher to monitor the subject
  • The room calorimeter, allowing several configurations (sports, resting, combined, etc)
  • A technical room containing all technical equipment, easily accessible through a separate door allowing easy service and maintenance.

This mobile solution will allow researchers to bring metabolic measurements to the most remote places on the planet.