Sleeping in the heat

Not having a good sleep can lead to impaired performance the next day.

With the Netherlands sweltering in the 30s during the day, some are having a tough time sleeping in the heat especially when the house stays warm till the night. It’s widely understood that a good night’s sleep is important to maintain mental and physical processes throughout the day, as well as to restore and balance health and well-being.

Dr. Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt, Professor of Ecological Energetics and Health at Maastricht University, investigates the effect of heat on sleep in humans. Research is being carried out in special rooms at Maastricht University. These rooms are whole-body room calorimeters with highly controlled environment, with the ability to control temperature, humidity, light, sleep rhythm and many other factors.

The research by Dr. Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt and his team was featured in an interview by 1Limburg, watch the video (in Dutch) below:

How can you beat the heat to get some precious shuteye?

When the nights are warm, Dr. Wouter advises to open the window or increase the circulation of air with a fan in your bedroom. It also helps to go to bed lightly dressed and sleep under a single sheet. During the daytime use blinds to keep out sunlight and keep the windows closed if the temperature outside is much hotter than inside.

Other tips

For a good night’s sleep it is also helpful to keep your room as dark as possible. Lights can stimulate alertness and disturb your night’s sleep.

Whole-body room calorimeters

Maastricht Instruments whole-body room calorimeter is the most versatile system on the market that can be used for multiple applications. Along with ever-evolving research, the facilities in the rooms can be easily modified by changing settings or adding accessories. The analysis system, combined with the state of the art climate control enables users to perform a broad range of studies such as metabolism in relation to temperature, lifestyle, exercise, light etc.


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